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    Dream Theater - Train Of Thought



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    Dream Theater - Train Of Thought

    Message  bd le Ven 31 Aoû - 21:20:49

    Submission courtesy of grandrebelmaster

    Band Dream Theater
    AlbumTrain of Thought

    Elektra, 2003

    James LaBrie - vocals
    John Petrucci - guitars
    John Myung - bass
    Jordan Rudess - keyboards
    Mike Portnoy - percussion

    1. As I Am
    2. This Dying Soul
    3. Endless Sacrifice
    4. Honor Thy Father
    5. Vacant
    6. Stream of Consciousness
    7. In The Name of God

    As anyone who actually knows me could tell you, I absolutely love Dream Theater. Which is why I hate to say that they really shot themself
    in the foot on this one. They came together on this one for the sole purpose of making a heavy album, and heavy it is. Pointedly so. It comes
    off more as a Metallica ripoff than a Dream Theater album.

    Now I'll get into the songs. I'll admit to enjoying As I Am very much. It's one of the best songs on this album. A lot of Metallica influence

    here too, but this is the one song where they manage to do it right. This Dying Soul isn't bad lyrically, featuring many of the lyrics found in

    other parts of Portnoy's "AA Suite." However, musically, its 11-minute is not justified, and LaBrie's delivery of the lyrics is terrible. It even

    resembles Linkin Park-esque rapping at times. Endless Sacrifice is possibly best track on the album, even if like many of the others, it is a

    bit overlong. Honor Thy Father takes all the terrible elements from the performance of This Dying Soul and focuses on them. There is some

    very good soloing in this one, but it's buried late in the middle of a 10-minute song, and you have to sit through more LaBrie-rap (a term I

    hope to never use again) to get to it. Vacant is a throwaway ballad. (Which is a shame that when they chose a song from Train of Thought to

    include on Score, Vacant is the one they used, instead of either As I Am or Endless Sacrifice.) Stream of Consciousness isn't a bad

    instrumental, but it suffers from taking 6 or 7 minutes worth of good ideas and dragging them out to fill 11 minutes of CD space. In The

    Name of God is features a lot of Metallica-esque riffing, cheesylyrics, and an entirely unjustified length of 14 minutes.

    So, the final verdict on the album: Hardcore Dream Theater fans will want it for As I Am and This Dying Soul, the latter because it fits into

    the AA Suite. Furthermore, anyone who knows what that IS is probably so much of a Dream Theater completist that they already have this

    (kinda like me.) For casual Dream Theater fans, As I Am is probably going to be the main interest here. This review will probably get me a

    lot of contempt from Dream Theater and Metallica fans, and a lot of people will probably disagree with me. But I feel that this is one of

    Dream Theater's worst.

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