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    The Short Story Of Jack And Tiffany



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    The Short Story Of Jack And Tiffany

    Message  bd le Sam 1 Sep - 21:20:38


    I wrote that in January 2003 and it's one of my personal fav'rite piece of writing.

    The Short Story Of Jack And Tiffany

    Here is the small piece of a big dream
    Where things are never as they seem
    There is more than meet the eye
    Into the big American pie
    They met in a diner
    One nice sunny day
    She spotted him before he saw her
    They ordered double sundays
    He was jack from Brooklyn
    She was Tiffany from the hill
    They where heading for the fast lane
    Seeking the thrills not the pains
    He came from a poor family
    She was a bourgeoise
    He had visions of big money
    But she already knew what it was
    Live your lives dont fade away
    Thats what he always said
    Whatever made them through the day
    Getting high an getting laid
    Jack was a guy with ambitions
    The pair of them made a sight
    Tiffany was hooked on addictions
    They woke up just before night
    He had long rides in his car
    While she mingled in parties
    But he never went too far
    He was her life she was his
    He was a survivor
    She was one of the kind
    In a world of metaphores
    Where we play with the mind
    When he was coming and going
    She wasnt really suffering
    She knew what her life could bring
    She lived it like a queen
    When jack was screwing with the law
    She was there to bail him out
    They both shared their sorrow
    Same as they shared their loot
    Now she knew something was wrong
    But she didnt complain
    Sadly their story cant be long
    Without old age and all the pain
    When Jack was cheating republicans
    She fooled around with democrats
    They didnt have many fans
    Only hoping their luck would last

    Now Jack didnt care anymore
    But she refused to leave him
    And as they went for the big score
    They knew the chances were slim
    And so one of those pale afternoon
    Those two teenagers lovers dreamers
    Sucumbed of their gun wounds
    In front of the money changer
    The funerals where short
    A pale rainy grey morning
    A fistfull of money wasnt worth
    Those two small black coffins
    And where they are now
    If we could only see them
    They fly with angels now
    Forever hand in hand

    Chorus X 3

    Jack and Tiffany on a endless saturday night
    Had lived their lives in a golden dream
    Jack and Tiffany he in grey and she in white
    Got married in heaven in a white limousine

    Jan 17 2003

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    Re: The Short Story Of Jack And Tiffany

    Message  John le Dim 2 Sep - 23:49:17

    Crying or Very sad

    I shed a tear by the end

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